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"We need to move beyond the focus on fixing women, and their possible skill deficits, and their possible lack of confidence, because the challenge is actually to fix the system, to fix the systemic barriers that still exist to women’s progression, particularly in very senior roles."

- Dr. Emily Phillips launching IPAA Victoria's 'Advancing Women in the Public Sector' strategic framework at Public Sector Week



IPAA Victoria Public Sector Week 2017 is the only event that brings together the entire Victorian public sector, for one week in one location, to drive fresh thinking and create a better future for all Victorians.

If you work with or within the broader Victorian public sector and are keen to further your knowledge, meet interesting and influential people, and uncover new opportunities, IPAA Victoria Public Sector Week is for you.

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“Because if you create a world where no-one can choose to do anything wrong by having every single circumstance covered by a rule or by a system of surveillance, then inadvertently what you create is a world in which no-one can choose to do anything right."

- Dr. Simon Longstaff speaking at 'Are we doing government ethically' during Public Sector Week

Presentations from Public Sector Week 2017 are available to IPAA Victoria members and can be found on the IPAA Victoria website.


Hear from thought leaders at over 30 events including thought leadership sessions and professional development workshops.


Where the entire Victoria public sector comes together for one week, in one location.


Debate the big issues in an energetic, innovative and free thinking environment.

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Explore what the workforce and workplace of the future might look like and what it means for the public sector.

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