Are we doing government ethically?

The rise of ‘nudging’ and policy tools that seek to influence individual behaviour raise a host of complex, if not downright murky, ethical dilemmas. How far can governments go to promote behavioural change for the common good, before they step over the line of manipulation? Is it fair to attach job-seeking conditions to welfare benefits, or restrict what can be purchased with those benefits? Our first Thought Leadership event turns the spotlight on these ‘grey areas’ – and helps us reflect on what really constitutes public sector integrity.

From policy development and community engagement to service delivery and information management, this session will look at a host of ways in which public sector workplaces deal with – and occasionally avoid – ethical issues. Using scenarios based on real-life examples, the session will pitch several thorny dilemmas to participants who will be asked to take a stance, along with a panel that includes some of Australia’s leading ethicists and policy gurus – including the ANU’s Helen Sullivan and Ethics Centre founder Dr Simon Longstaff.

The discussions – and hard questions – will be led by Peter Collins of the Centre for Ethical Leadership, who has a distinguished history helping organisations fine-tune their integrity policies and create ethical workplace cultures.

If your grasp of ethics is limited to Google's famous corporate motto of 'Don't be evil', then you should attend this session!

1.00pm-3.00pm: Session
3.00pm-3.30pm: Afternoon tea

Monday 14 Aug

1:00PM - 3:00PM


Professor Helen SullivanDr Simon Longstaff AOPeter Collins

Grand Ballroom 3


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Afternoon Tea

Thought Leadership

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