Transforming government services through design thinking

Design thinking is often touted as a magic bullet for public sector planners – the best way for us to connect with our service users and incorporate their insights and experiences into our planning. What is less well known is that the tools and methods of ‘co-design’ can often be used with very little cost or risk to our organisations.

In this fascinating hands-on session, we’ll look at some of the key concepts of design thinking and explore three case studies of how its ideas have been used in the redesign of public sector services and systems. The session will include an analysis of the emerging online platform of Service Victoria – the ‘one-stop shop’ being developed by the Victorian Government to help citizens complete a variety of end-to-end transactions.

Participants will also have an opportunity to be involved in small group work using design thinking to solve a particular problem. If you want to learn about the underlying concepts of design thinking and the practicalities of using those ideas in the public sector, don’t miss this session.

9.00am-10.30am: Session part one
10.30-11.00am: Morning tea break
11.00am-1.00pm: Session part two
1.00pm-2.00pm: Lunch

Wednesday 16 Aug

9:00AM - 2:00PM


Alexandra AlmondDavid Cairns

Grand Ballroom 1 and 2


Corporate Member $375
Personal Member $350
Non-Member $500


Arrival tea and coffee

Morning tea


Thought Leadership

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