Paul Kearsley

Group Manager, Greater Dandenong Business, City of Great Dandenong

Paul’s current position is Group Manager – Greater Dandenong Business at the City of Greater Dandenong. This is a newly created group at CGD and comprises of:
• Activity Centre Revitalising (ACR) previously known as Revitalising Central Dandenong (RCD)
• Economic Development unit
• South East Business Networks (SEBN)
• South East Melbourne Manufacturing Alliance (SEMMA)

The focus of the group is on supporting economic development of the city and the region, promoting what CGD and the business/industry sectors have to offer and facilitating development in the National Employment Cluster and the activity centres including Dandenong, Springvale and Noble Park.

Paul’s experience includes State government, local government and private consulting. The experience has been obtained at the Cities of Essendon, Cairns, Casey, Yarra, Whitehorse, and Monash and with private consulting experience as an Associate Director at Urbis.

Paul held the position of Director – City Development at the City of Whitehorse and Monash for over 12 years bringing experience in a wide range of areas including:
• Planning
• Engineering
• Local Laws
• Health
• Environmental planning
• Capital works
• Architecture and Urban Design

Paul specialises in the fields of Economic Development, Strategic Planning, Master Planning, Environmental Planning, and Project Management.